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Call for Sponsors

As a company, an educational institution, or an organization and you would like to promote yourself, ICABDE 2021 is a good chance to do it. We provide the following options for you:

  • Platinum sponsor: from 10,000$
  • Golden sponsor: from 5,000$ up to 10,000$
  • Silver sponsor: from 2,000$ up to 5,000$
  • Copper sponsor: from 1,000$ up to 2,000$
Your benefit: your company logo will be put in the conference site, the conference proceedings (of Springer), and shown in all conference sessions, as well as in the media. Moreover, your company will be awarded a Certificate of sponsorship (with Platinum, Golden, Silver, Copper indicators) and a Crystal award.

To become our sponsor, you need to send an email to us at icabde@ueh.edu.vn with the following content:
+ Subject: Become a sponsor of ICABDE 2021
+ Content:
  • Your details: Company name, Logo, Link of website, Phone number.
  • Your option: one of the above options (Platinum, Golden, Silver, Copper).
After receiving your email, we will get back to you and process the proposal as soon as possible.