» Peer Review & Acceptance Rules

Focusing on trendy topics related to Artificial Intelligence and Big Data in Digital Era, ICABDE 2021 has attracted a lot of attention of many scientists and researchers from various disciplines.

During the call for papers, ICABDE received 140 submissions from various countries and territories over the world such as USA, U.K., France, Russia, Turkey, Italy, Czechia, China, India, Mexico, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Morocco, Egypt, Nigeria, Algeria, Nepal, Iran, Iraq, and Vietnam, and only 59 papers were accepted, equivalent to 42%. Our review committee board includes scientists/researchers from many countries and territories such as Japan, Austria, China, Taiwan, Russia, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Greece, Turkey, India, Vietnam, Brazil,  and so on. Each paper was evaluated by at least 3 reviewers. A paper is ACCEPTED if and only if the paper is satisfied the following conditions simultaneously:

  • The average score and the weighted average score are positive.
  • There is no reject (-2) or strong reject (-3) from reviewers.
  • No 2 or more weak reject (-1).
  • The paper passes the plagiarism detection round, i.e., the similarity rate reported by Turnitin/iThenticate should be under 30%.

REJECT. Even a paper got a positive evaluation from all reviewers, but if it has a high similarity rate, the paper is also rejected. In the case, your paper is rejected, but you see that all reviews are positive, please see the similarity rate reported HERE. If a paper got from 2 reject (weak reject, reject, or strong reject), it is also refused. All papers about overview, proposals without evidence (no experimental results) are also rejected.

We regret if your paper has not been accepted for the conference. We hope that you will still contribute your studies to our next conferences in the future.

On behalf of ICABDE committee, once again, we would like to thank you for your contributions to the conference! We wish you will achieve new success on your research journey.