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Important Notes:
  • The registration fee includes all services such as participation to all conference sessions and publication. The fee does not include travel, accommodation, and other personal fees.
  • Please be encouraged that the page length is only from 8 up to 12 pages. If your paper has over 12 pages, you must pay for overlength pages.
  • Fee for EACH overlength page: 20$ for non-vietnamese, 400,000 VND for vietnamese.
  Camera-ready Preparation:
  • When preparing the camera-ready (the final manuscript), authors must ensure that the paper must follow the Springer template. Please take into account the format rules (font size, authors’ info, corresponding author, and so on). Please use This Template (you can use Word or Latex). We do not accept the freestyle format. When you export the paper to PDF, please also check the final version carefully to make sure that all text, figures, tables, etc., are displayed correctly. To ensure figures stay at the correct places, authors should put them at the beginning of pages.
  • Authors are also requested to check typos and grammar mistakes. We recommend that authors should use Grammarly for Word to check typos. Note that there is no perfect tool, but Grammarly will help you much. All numerical results should also be checked carefully to avoid errors. High-quality figures are recommended.
  • Even all the accepted papers have a similarity rate under 30%, we still recommend that authors must reduce the similarity rate as low as possible. A paper with a high similarity rate can be rejected by Springer even your paper was accepted for the conference. We recommend that authors should keep the similarity rate under 20% (the best rate is around 15%), and the similarity rate for every single source must be lower than 5%. You can see the similarity report on your paper HERE. Authors can use Turnitin or iThenticate to check the similarity. If authors do not have such tools, you can send an email to icabde@ueh.edu.vn with the subject “Asking for the report on PaperXX“, where XX is your paper ID, and you must use the same email you used for EasyChair. Authors also must cite all relevant works (not all the works in the report, but must cite works with a high similarity rate).
  • Authors must address all comments of reviewers (revise, and/or explain in the response letter). If authors skip the comments of reviewers, the paper may be rejected. Authors must provide a final version of the paper (camera-ready), a highlighted version of the paper (highlight/colorize what you changed), and a response letter to address all comments of reviewers. All of them must be returned via EasyChair (see the next section).
To complete the registration procedure, you must do the following steps:
  1. You must ensure that you completed 4 documents (5 files): a camera-ready (the final manuscript, in DOCX/TEX and PDF), a highlighted version of your paper to highlight what you changed in the final manuscript, a response letter for reviewers’ comments, and the filled publishing agreement with Springer. All these documents must be compressed in a ZIP file (only ZIP, not RAR, or any others), and must be uploaded via EasyChair before December 13, 2021. Also, if you prepared your manuscript in TEX, please include all necessary files in a ZIP file.
  2. Please set names for 5 files as CR-paperXX.docx, CR-paperXX.pdf, HCR-paperXX.pdf, RL-paperXX.pdf, PAS-paperXX.docx (and PAS-paperXX.pdf with e-signature), where CR=Camera-ready, HCR=Highlighted Camera-ready, RL=Response Letter, PAS=Publishing Agreement with Springer, XX=Your paper ID. And rename the complete ZIP file to PaperXX. You can see your paper ID in your submission on EasyChair, or find it HERE.
  3. Register and Complete the payment. Please follow the link below to provide info of Participant:
    Then, you will get an invoice via your email with a payment link. Please follow the link to complete the payment

Update Camera-Ready

1. Go to EasyChair HERE.

2. Please choose the role “Proceedings author (ICABDE-2021 Proceedings)” to upload your ZIP file.

For International Participants only (Non-Vietnamese):

  • If you cannot pay by the link we sent, you can use the wire transfer method (bank-to-bank). Please use the following info to pay: – Beneficiary: TRUONG DH KINH TE TPHCM – Address: 59C Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street Ward 6 District 3, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – Beneficiary’s Bank: Orient Commercial Joint Stock Bank Ho Chi Minh Branch – Account No: 0036100006336001 – SWIFT: ORCOVNVX Please put a note [Payment for ICABDE2021, PaperXX], where XX is your paper ID.
  • If you cannot pay by the link we sent, and you also do not want to use the wire transfer, you can pay by another method via Paypal. You do not need to have a Paypal account, you can pay directly via your credit/debit card with the support of multiple cards such as Visa, American Express, Master Card, etc. You just need to reply the email that you got after completing the registration with a note “I cannot pay via the online link”. We will send you another invoice via Paypal. In the invoice of Paypal, you just click on “Pay“, and choose “Pay with a Credit or Visa Debit Card“.

For Vietnamese Participants only:

  • You can pay by the link we sent in your email after you complete the registration.
  • If you cannot pay by the link we sent, you can pay by the wire transfer from your bank account. Please send money to the following account: – Bank: Ngân hàng TMCP Phương Đông (OCB) – Account Name: Khoa Cong Nghe Thong Tin Kinh Doanh, – Account Number: 0036100047922004 Please put a note [Payment for ICABDE2021, PaperXX], XX is your paper ID.