ICABDE – International conference on Artificial Intelligence and Big Data in Digital Era

Submission Deadline

NOVEMBER 20, 2021

Author Notification

DECEMBER 02, 2021


DECEMBER 12, 2021

Conference Dates

DECEMBER 18-19, 2021


The 2021 International Conference on “Artificial Intelligence and Big Data in Digital Era” (ICABDE) is a prestigious venue for bringing together researchers, experts and practitioners from academia, business, and industry, who are engaged in the different research domains related to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data. The ICABDE 2021 will be organized by School of Business Information TechnologyUniversity of Economics Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, during December 18-19, 2021. The conference welcomes keynote speakers who are leading scientists in the fields of AI and Big Data.

Key topics of the conference:

  • Machine Learning (ML) & AI
    • Basic studies in ML & AI
    • Applications to Business
    • Applications to Industry & Technology
    • Applications to Medicine & Healthcare
    • Applications to Agriculture
    • Applications to Green Growth & Sustainable Development
  • Data & Big Data Processing
    • Traditional machine learning based approaches
    • Deep learning based approaches
    • Soft computing based approaches
    • Hybrid approaches
  • Signal, Image and Natural language Processing & Analyzing
  • Expert Systems & Intelligent Systems
  • Smart University & Smart City
  • Data Mining & Knowledge Discovery
  • High Performance Computing & Cloud Computing
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⁜ Due to the complicated progress of the pandemic, the conference will be held online.

⁜ Read the call for papers HERE.

Machine Learning & AI

Data & Big Data Processing

Signal, Image and Natural language processing and analyzing

Expert Systems & Intelligent Systems

Smart University & Smart City

Data Mining & Knowledge Discovery

High Performance & Cloud Computing

Introduction to UEH and BIT

The Green Campus N - one of the eleven campuses of UEH on Nguyen Van Linh avenue

UEH University, Vietnam.

UEH is a multi-disciplinary university with various levels and modes of education, from bachelors to PhDs. UEH’s teaching staff have all been trained from high reputation institutes all over the world. Annually, there is a large enrollment number of students that makes UEH one of the largest Vietnamese universities in the field of economics and business administration.

UEH’s primary objective is providing policy makers, administrators and experts in economics and business administration. In addition, UEH is also a centre for scientific research which focuses on economic discovery, analysis and consulting in the process of development of Vietnam as well as contribution to economic theories.

Cooperation with domestic and foreign universities is always a top priority as UEH hopes to gradually integrate into the international academic and scientific network, meeting national economic development demands

To date, UEH is one of 14 key universities of Vietnam. Since 1976, UEH has trained about tens of thousands of qualified and prestigious officers, economists, administrators from undergraduate to postgraduate levels. With excellent achievements during the process of establishment and development, UEH has been awarded many honour medals as well as the noble title “Labour Hero in the Renovation Period” from the State and the Government. Especially, UEH is one of four state-owned universities to be given greater autonomy by the Vietnamese Government in 2014.

Merit-wise, UEH has been recognized in the Top 1000 Best Business Schools globally, Top 601+ Best Universities in Asia (QS World University Rankings, Asia 2021), Top 25 Performing Universities in income from Continuous Professional Development (U-Multirank since 2016). The University is also among the Top 11 Best Universities in Vietnam, with 1st place among other single-disciplinary institutes in the field of Economics & Business, in terms of digitalization capacity and the spread & influence of academic resources (Webometrics 2020). Last but not least, according to the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam, UEH ranked in the Top 5 National Universities with the most prestigious international publications in Vietnam (2020).

Currently, UEH has 14 member schools, and 1 branch in the Mekong Delta. With a high-quality teaching staff of 9 full professors, 50 associate professors, 248 PhDs and more than 374 Masters, and along with modern facilities and equipment, UEH strives to be among the 500 best universities in Asia (by QS).

School of Business Information Technology, UEH (BIT). 

The School of Business Information Technology (BIT), formerly known as the School of Business Information Systems (2012-2016) and the Department of Informatics and Management (2001-2012), was built on the basis of Informatics Division of the Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Informatics. Since 1978, the school has developed an undergraduate program in the field of Information Processing Science to provide highly qualified staff of scientists to meet the market demands on applying into socio-economic problems, including Data processing, calculation of indicators as well as optimization modeling and solving, and building automation management systems on that basis using computing systems. Since 1991, the Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Informatics has started an undergraduate program majored in management information technology, a specialization of field of Economic Information Systems (Economic Information Systems) which is also one of the five major branches of the economic sector (Management business accounting, accounting, economic information system, economics, finance) in the undergraduate education system of Vietnam.

In the era of international economic integration and the rapid development of information and communication technology, the school’s curriculum has been regularly revised and updated to keep up with the quality of education and training and to adapt the world knowledge requirements, combining theory with practice to meet the increasing needs of enterprises. In addition to training activities, the School has also actively cooperated with many software development companies such as FAST, CSC, Global Cyber Soft, FPT, Dong A Bank, Ngan Department of Statistics, Ho Chi Minh City Department of Statistics, National Economics University, School of Information Technology, Ho Chi Minh City University of Science, etc., to promote vocational guidance and job search for students. Moreover, the School is also actively promoting international cooperation in order to gradually improve the quality of teaching and research in accordance with international standards, and develop joint programs with reputable foreign universities.

Currently, the School has three departments: Business Information Systems, Information Technology and Electronic Commerce with five undergraduate specializations: Management Information Systems, Software Engineering, Enterprise resource planning (ERP), Data Science and E-Commerce Technology; and one postgraduate specialization: Information Design and Technology, which are responsible for a highly professional working environment to allow faculty members together to improve the quality of their lectures, teaching methods and training activities through a number of periodic professional seminars.